Ancient Egypt

A journey of Remembrance

10th November to 21st November 2018

with Anouk Sophia


Explore the majestic sacred temples and energy sites where the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt taught their Initiates esoteric temple arts and reconnect to your

memories of initiation into the hidden mystical teachings and wisdom

of the priest and priestesses of those lands.


Pyramids & Sphinx Giza Plateau, Dahshour Bent & Red Pyramid, Egyptian Museum of Cairo, Sakkara, Serapeum, Isis Temple at Philae, Elephantine Island, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Queens, Hatshepsut, Karnak, Mut Temple, Dendera

Special visit to the Tree of Maryam and Holy Well

Temple private entrance to the Great Pyramid

Cairo - Aswan - Luxor

 Itinerary November

10th. November  - Arrival at Cairo, meet and assist at the airport, transfer to the hotel, welcome dinner, night on Cairo

11th. November - Sunrise facing the Sphinx, Tree of Maryam and Holy Well, Dahshour Bent Pyramid, Red Pyramid Sound Chamber. Visit sacred oils shop, Night in Cairo

12th. November  - Early morning (before sunrise) private visit to the Great Pyramid, walk on the Giza Plateau, breakfast in Mena House, Visit Egyptian Museum, Visit sacred oils shop, Night in Cairo

13th. November  - Sakkara  and Serapeum, flight to Aswan, visit Papyrus maker, night in Nubian Village.

14th. November  - Private boat sailing on the shore of the Nile, visiting Kalabsha Temple and Hathor Sanctuary, night in Nubian Village, Souk visit

15th. November  - visit to Abu Simbel Temple, night in Nubian Village

16th. November - Sunrise at the old island, visiting Philae – Temple of Isis, breakfast overlooking Philae. Today we join a cruise where we will travel towards Luxor,  afternoon free, night on the cruise ship.

17th. November  - Elephantine Island, sailing, Kom Ombo, night on the cruise ship.

18th. November   - Edfu, sailing, Luxor Temple, night on the cruise ship.

19th. November   - West bank Valley of the Queens, Hatshepsut Temple, night in Luxor.

20th. November  - Dendera Hathor Temple early morning, Karnak including Mut Temple, night in Luxor, farewell dinner.

 21st. November - Transfer to the airport, flying home