ANcient wisdom - Present Lives

9th November to 21st November 2019

with Anouk Sophia & guests!

Cairo - Aswan - Luxor

It is time to surrender ideas of right and wrong into the river of all possibilities and make room in your consciousness to weave - a New World on this beautiful Planet.


Are you ready? 

This is an invitation into the heart of all things. From Temples to Egyptian homes, from the heartbeat of the drum to the heart of these lands, from the pulse of the River to the pulse of the stars, from bird song to children songs...

Come experience the living wisdom of ancient civilizations in resonant temples of stone. Stand on the footsteps of nobel hearts that walked before you, the ones that came to seed a new dawn for future generations.  Let the flow of the mother Nile carry you to a time where all was known & sit with all what comes...

A gentle lullaby, a wake up call.

Life on Earth is suffering, the waters, the Earth, the Sky...

This is a journey to remember the love, the power and strength that brought you on the planet, your legacy and lineage. Awaken your sacred song on the sands of time, through the wisdom of the ’Neteru’ the forces & balance of Nature, harmonic frequencies and symbols depicted on all the temples.

It is time to reveal the temple and walk the sacred art of ’heartkindness’ , a change of the Guards is coming, we are the ones who can make a difference, bringing back balance into our daily lives, our community, our planet.

For future generations and beyond, and beyond.

The Sphinx & Giza Plateau, Great Pyramid, Dahshour Pyramids, Sakkara, Serapeum, Valley of the Kings & Queens, Hatshepsut, Nefertaris tomb, Dendera, Karnak, Mut, Luxor Temple, Esna, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Abu Simbel, Elephantine Island & Philae Temple of Isis.

Please contact me and request details!