‘Revealing the Temple’

Sacred Egypt

Spring Equinox 2019

 March 17th to 31st  2019

 Siwa – Alexandria - Luxor – Aswan

Deep into the western desert and then sail to upper Egypt on the River Nile.


Anouk Sophia

 (A prior 3 days Cairo extension is available from 15 to 17th ask for details)


Siwa Oracle Temple, Cleopatra’s bath, Healing springs, Alexandria Library, Luxor Temple, Temple of Hathor at Dendera, Mut Temple, Karnak, Esna, El Kab, Edfu, Kebel Selsela, Kom Ombo, Elephantine temple, Abu Simbel, private visit to Philae Temple of Isis, Priestess Island at Philae and more...


There is an inescapable and often inexplicable magic in Egypt, are you ready for a time of deep remembrance, resourcing and resonance of your true blueprint?

Come with us on this unique sacred journey through Egypt’s desert sands, into powerful, timeless stone Temples and travel through time whilst the River Nile unfurls its secrets.

Commune with the Temple of the Oracle in the potent time of the Equinox, write power sigils on the sand under the starry sky, swim in desert springs, imbue the sacred geometry of the Temples, connect to the wisdom with sound, song, art and more.

A time for you to recharge, restore, and align deeply to your life force, elemental forces and noble path.

Meet me in Cairo on March 17th. We will begin our journey towards Siwa on the 18th, into the heart of Egypt’s western desert. Prepare to share a time of stillness and connection in the great silence between sky and silica sands, bathe and recharge in the sacred spring as we envision our sacred personal journey. Our itinerary will follow on to Luxor where we will board our private boat and begin our Nile expedition to Upper Egypt, visiting many places of power & sacred Temples, connecting to the Earth true earth grid, remembering and envisioning our legacy as we reveal the ‘living Temple’ from past to present life. Our ‘grand finale’ private visit to Philae temple, where we will have the exclusive sunrise

We will be accompanied by our dear friend Kriszta Veres our expert Cairo based guide & our Egyptologist, whom all know these ancient lands, it’s sacred treasures and it’s welcoming people well.


March 17th - arrival at Cairo Airport, we will arrange to collect you, help you through customs, luggage pick up, getting your Egyptian Visa at the airport, the representative will also ride with you on the taxi to the hotel in Cairo. I will greet you in the evening in the hotel terrace. Dinner is together is optional so you can rest before our departure towards Siwa the next day.

March 18th – Cairo - Early departure - 8am bus journey to Marsa Matrouh by the beautiful Mediterranean sea, where we will spend one relaxing afternoon and evening. Night in Marsa Matroug.

March 19th  - Siwa - after breakfast, we begin the remaining four hrs drive to Siwa, stopping at Cleopatra’s beach. Afternoon visit the Old town of Siwa, possibility for shopping, then dinner in the old town. Night in Siwa.

March 20th  - Siwa – Whole day in the desert, bathing in sacred healing springs, connecting with the elements around us, sunset on the dunes. Moonrise ceremony, sigils and ‘sand dance’. Night in Siwa.

siwa 1.jpg

March 21st  - Siwa - Sunrise ceremony Spring Equinox – Mountain of the Oracle Temple. Salt mines lake, Cleopatra’s Bath, dinner at the fabulous Adrere Amellel Ecolodge. Night in Siwa.

March 22nd - Alexandria - Bus journey to Alexandria. Night in Alexandria.

March 23rd - Day in Alexandria, time to connect to the “living library” and visit remnants of the ancient and modern Library. Evening flight to Luxor (*), boarding our private boat, our “temple home” on the Nile River, visit Luxor temple. Night on our private boat.

March 24th – Luxor - Early rise trip to Dendera Temple of Hathor, Mut Temple, Karnak Temple and Sekhmet ‘Chapel’, sailing off from Luxor towards Aswan. Dinner and night on our private boat.

March 25th – Sailing to Aswan - Esna Temple, El Kab Temple. Night on our private boat.

March 26th – Sailing  to Aswan – Edfu Temple, Kebel Selsela, night on our private boat.

March 27th – Kom Ombo – Temple of Sobek and Horoeris.  Night on private boat.

March 28th – Elephantine Island - We check out of private boat home and transfer to Nubian Village. Night in Nubian Village.

March 29th –Abu Simbel.

March 30th -  Private visit to Philae Temple of Isis, breakfast at the Priestess Island, Closing sunset ceremony at the Priestess Gate. Farewell dinner.

March 31st – After breakfast we transfer to airport, Flight (*) back to Cairo.

(*) flight cost not included.

Please request prices and registration details. We have room for 10 people if you are interested please get back to me asap.