Sacred Scotland 2019

11th to 19th October 2019

Druid Isles

Iona - Mull - Sky - Lewis

Edinburgh & Rosslyn Chapel



Anouk Sophia


Alchemical Marriage -  Zero Point Codex

The Mirror - The Sword - The Chalice – The Stones

Restoration of Relationship - Original Matrix ChristSophia - The ‘birthing’ of the new Divine Human for this generation and beyond

and beyond.


With Grace the time has returned…


The guardians assisting us on this sacred journey are the Tuatha de Danann also known as the 'shining ones’ - the People of the Goddess Danu, the Great Mother, who have held this information in the waters and the stones since time began... 

Goddess Brigit (One of the Tuatha de Danann) ~ Isis ~ Lady of the Lake ~ Mary Magdalene

Tuatha de Danann ~ Arthur ~ Arch Angelic MichaEL

This is a tremendous moment in our evolutionary history. It is full of trembling that I release this information to you. May you be blessed beyond measure for ‘playing’ your part in assisting humanity in this beautiful dance home. 

With heart conviction, I share with you, there is a great urge and urgency to fulfil this journey on the planet, and to play this out…

You are coming forward and resonate with this because you have a great part to play as keepers of healing codes for the upliftment of humanity (remembrance of truth) through the heart of compassion, and

- The coming of the ‘Feminine Christ’ prophecy on Iona, in whatever way it may translate through us,

- regeneration of the Sovereign Masculine Principle and crowning of the “High King” the Divine sacred active masculine principle (re-integration of magnetic feminine within the masculine),

- reconnecting the original matrix resonance of the planet (Matter Matrix) to/from the zero point, Flower of Life,

- the integration origin ChristSophia ~ Divine Codex (masculine feminine), into

- ‘birthing’ the Divine HUman - divine child... through us 

We are walking 'back in time' to activate the Zero Point, the stillpoint on the Planet and from there weave forward to the now, by going through the 'eye of the needle'. WE can only do this by regenerating the Masculine Principle. Yes you are right in thinking, we have already done this, yet, we are asked to create ceremony and dance this out in the lay lines to activate the Earth grids that so many of us have already opened before...

What this means is in your deepest understanding - if you know you will "know" - as part of what you are bringing. There has been a slight delay... now is time - zero no time - to equalise up to organic timeline Earth Star.

If you have any questions please contact me for a phone conversation.

Schedule will look like this:

Arrival in Edinburgh. We will head forward to Iona first (back in time) to connect the ancient ‘light’ lines, ourselves and the Goddess Brigit ~ Isis ~ Lady of the Lake ~ Mary Magdalene.

We will be present to connect to the truth about the story of the Island of the Women across the way over the bay - we will unravel the memory from Iona and ‘mend the tapestry’ from the resonance of division and separation for the fulfilment of restoration of relationships.

Then we will make our way back forwards in time, to the Isle of Mull to Kilmore Church (The Church of Mary) and the various standing stones – Here we enter the portal and assist the regeneration of the masculine sacred sovereign energy on Earth, the Coronation of the High King with assistance from the guardians Tuatha de Danann ~ Arthur ~ Arch Angelic MichaEL then, onto Rosslyn Chapel, for the Templar remembrance, the template Chalice of Truth, the grail mysteries ‘beneath the Rose” and birthing the Divine Child(ren).