wells, Stones & Ancestral Songs

Sacred Ireland North & South

19th to 27th June 2020 - Summer Solstice

with Anouk Sophia

Awaken your ancient memories stored in the lands of Ireland.


Arrive in Dublin Airport. We will spend a few days around the sacred Boyne Valley and be guided to some sacred and secreted away locations in Dublin City Centre, visit the Book of Kells at Trinity College, Fourknocks Monument, Newgrange, Hill of Tara, Knockrose.

Visit Co. Wicklow, Glendalough magical Lakes & Monastic Settlement, and Co. Kildare lands known and dedicated to Bridget for Fire Temple and Holy Well,

We will travel North to Sligo, where we will visit Knocnarea & Carrowmore, Carrowkeel, connected to Queen Maeve and a powerful Earth energy alignment

then head towards the South West to Co.Kerry & Limerick, visiting Knock the place of Marian visitation Shrine, The Morrigan’s Cave Oweynagat at the Rathcroghan,

Queen Scota’s  stone the Egyptian Pharaohess, Innisfallen Holy Isle, Killarney, Uragh Stones in the Beara peninsula and back to Dublin.

$ TBA - includes 8 nights accommodation, breakfast, transport, entry fees, guiding, teachings, guest speakers

Together we will walk on sacred lands and create ceremonies in honour and remembrance of the Goddess in Her many forms, on the beloved lands of Ireland. We are honoured to walk sacred Earth with you and share this journey through 'Eriu' eyes.

... we have returned to tell the story, 'stored' in these sacred lands, living Earth temples.

Is Ireland calling you?


The Guardians of these most sacred, pristine lands, the ancient songs in the winds, the rivers, the stones… and sacred wells.

Summer Solstice, a celebration of Light, when the Sun is closest to the Earth. 

For those of you who know my work, this is not a historical journey, it is by grace we are invited to enter the magic, with a pure heart and with the childlike essence of curiosity,  Eriu’s heart of love for truth will open the portals of remembrance.

It is time!

Tread softly beloved, every choice you made to this point of your life has prepared you for this.

Blessings on this most magical adventure we call life!

Contact me for personally planned sacred journey to Ireland, I create itineraries especially for small groups.