Mentorings and Private Sessions

Mentoring is based on my own life experiences and mastering tools that helped me navigate through my own deep remembrance. It is taught as Alchemy & Wisdom of the Mother, the Feminine Divine.


Voice Analysis with Astrology

Using your voice as Sound Medicine



Womb/Sacral, clearing for the 7 generations and beyond and beyond...

Releasing trauma - attachments - stories

Wounds of Sacral Centre, Addictions, Perpetration, Shut Down, return to Love

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The womb/sacral is the portal of our creative impulse. Being the physical container from within which a woman creates life and also the energetic area of the sacral region that allocates sexual and reproductive organs. The sacral is the energetic center intrinsically connected to movement, conception, seeding and nurturing new life, projects and aspirations. It is also the energetic area where emotions are stored since before birth, abuse, trauma and grief experienced in interpersonal relationships. With the womb being ‘the point of attention’ to deeply connect the neuro biological feedback of the endocrine system (gonads, ovaries, adrenals, kidneys, thymus, pineal), the bio-energetic influences of emotions and the resonance of the Earth, we can begin to perceive and embody the fullness of our creative power.

The spinal cord carries and distributes life force energy to the pineal gland, it is a trans-receptor of planetary influences. It is simple that to perceive more of our starry wisdom within and activate our inner tuition, we have to ground our energy with the resonance of the Earth and attune to the frequency of the stars.

When the Soul feels ‘unsafe to stay’, it finds easier to live at the mental level, activating somewhat the pineal center and travelling briefly in and out, vacating and gravely disconnecting to the physical body and emotions. However, as much as the disconnect will validate behavior, it will impede advancement in consciousness.

We carry programming from our ancestors, past lives memory and trauma from this life experiences. Our human body is a sensory technology, and understanding that not all the stored memory is ours to translate as emotion and physical imbalance means greater freedom to move forward in the creative process and activate the potential that is in our DNA as creators of resonant harmonics with all of life. This means, you are consciously walking into the organic living blueprint of bio energy that is endlessly pulsating and energizing, in perfect symphony with the seasons, the elements, the Mother planet and the planetary bodies. From this alchemical place of love, power and wisdom we are fully aligned to the manifestation of all desired emotional harmony in the higher vibratory frequency spectrum, such as self acceptance, self love, compassion, gratitude, joy, 

What is a Womb Session?

It is partly a journey, deep within the physical body, into the wisdom of the womb. It is also a guided meditation, with the intention to allow the womb to speak.

We use breath, intention, visualization and sound (if the session is in person with me, we will also use movement with sound)

Why a Womb Session is for me?

When we allow the deepest wounding to be seen and acknowledged, we bestow the gift of listening.  Presence to the voice within, the gift of the ancestors, the forgiveness, the power to say no, the illumination of grief, the soothing of the inner child.

Love restores love. Love is the frequency that will restore resonance and dispel all that isn’t love. Going deep into the womb and releasing all the density, tension and tightness that creates imbalance is the highest form of love to self, it opens the path to change the perceived past and claiming our creative force and our wisdom power in the present moment is the highest gift to self.

A womb space that is gestating someone else’s ‘story’ is only birthing someone else’s creation. Be it our mother, our mother’s mother, belief system, past sexual energetic imprints… Actively releasing all that is not ours and all that we do not invite into our creative womb/sacral is a gift to life, and to your descendants. To the generations to come and beyond and beyond…

Gentle constant loving presence, creates lasting change and graceful transformation. I also offer a 21 days deeper journey into the womb’s fertility - creative force within the Wisdom of the Feminine, with meditation, journaling, self care and supportive guidance.


Guardians at the Gate - The stories we tell ourselves

Safety Trust Love

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Ancient Longings - Sacred Woundings

Abandonment Grief Shame Betrayal Love

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"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with nature." Joseph Campbell
Ancient Longings -  Sacred woundings - we all have feelings of loneliness and abandonment, separation from our divine essence, grief of loss, shame, betrayal . All these almost "out of no where" deep sadness emotions arise from an ancient cellular memory, vague resonance, remembrance, since before birth. All these records are encoded in our DNA and in the structure of all living things. Something did happen, but we cannot describe what, for sure...infiltration, severing, manipulation. Knowing this truth deepens our connection to our Soul, the need of coming back into the whole is a primordial one. We are concentrical and expanding beings, just like the toroidal field, we come in and we go out each time as a spiral, clearer and more grounded as well as connected to all of life. These sessions will assist you in recognising that the wounding isn't yours to suffer from, it is part of the hologram, for the moment in time  as we are upholding life in the body.  

Dispelling Fear Template

root of the fear

who's speaking?

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Sessions can be a combination of the above. Sliding scale is available.

A session is always a journey into your truth. How ready are you to see truth? It will transform what you think you know... once you are transformed you cannot return to being what you where before. Transformation takes time, gentle, committed steps towards unveiling your beauty. 

– 1 –

Single Mentoring Session


- 2 - 

28 days Period

(3 one-on-one sessions with weekly check ins on line for the duration of the 28 days)



All sessions are on Skype or Phone


paypal available 


— Rumi

It would be easy if all things worked out the way we perceived as perfect.

Often we use the template of someone else's life in an attempt to fix our own. 


I asked once:  what does it mean to truly know thyself? 

The reply was very simple.

Penetrate. Enter within. Become one with the 'within' of everything.

And how can I? By allowing your unfolding story

You are unique. Your story is unique, your truth is the unfolding of that uniqueness. Simple.



Our soul seeks balance. Imbalance is experienced when we allow some split, tear or disruption to occur from our original truth. This happens to everyone on the journey. It is what the universe does to create more of itself, to keep itself alive, it comes together and it comes apart, continually contracting and expanding. This movement in itself creates balance. Sometimes we fight the process.

When we believe the 'apart space" is keeping us separate from the whole, also known as 'love', we experience suffering and some degree of spiritual amnesia, we simply forget who we are for a moment and then more doubts filters in. This gives fuel to fear. 

So healing is coming back to that still-point where  'separation' is no longer experienced in you or through you. We can change the past and we can change the energy of the memory of separation and suffering still stored in the subconscious. The healing is done by you, when you have the courage to face the fear that stops love to flow through. Some of us take longer than others to reach this realisation, and that is really ok, it can be simple as 'turning the switch'. Your Soul is seeking you as the Beloved and wishes to incarnate as you.

Are you ready to unfold your own true story?

 Session last 1 hour.

The mentoring sessions help you with:

Freeing your unbound potential to love deeply and fearlesly!

:: Identifying all aspect of love and how you are divinely guided.

:: Understanding the steps your Soul took to get you to this point.

:: Clearing past memory of separation and sacred wounds by clearing the ancestral lines, womb to womb.

:: Knowing you are not alone as you face the sacred gentle yet powerful fire of transformation.

:: Restoring your relationship with your Soul so you are walking your true Embodied - 'in-body' journey. 

:: Find the sound resonance that assists your sacred relationship


– 2 –

Join us in France, Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall and Egypt for a soulful journey of remembrance

visit 'journey with me' page for dates of  our scheduled adventures into DNA activations and sacred ceremonies

Madalene  by Da Vinci

Madalene by Da Vinci

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