Aurora Anointing Oils

It is an honor to share the sacred oil blend and introduce “Aurora First” (light) which I have created since my recent trip to Egypt. I was inspired to bring back the ancient ritual of anointing as I stood in front of the above scene in the Temple of Queen Nefertari at Abu Simbel, in Nubian Egypt. If you have visited you will have felt the power of this memory.

The walls depicts Nefertari blessed by the Goddesses Isis and Hathor, in fact she is being anointed as she receives the Sun disk on her crown and the horns of the sacred cow. As an initiate and anointed Queen she holds space for her counterpart the powerful King Ramesses II as she brings him to the Goddess Hathor. On the adjacent scene her Beloved Ramesses honors her as a Goddess herself.

Aurora First (light) is a blend of Egypt’s finest Lotus oil, Papyrus, Egyptian Rose and Somalian Frankincense. It is a blend that will hold you in your deepest wisdom as you birth forth the light within. The name of this blend “first” - represents the bursts of light in the Aurora Borealis, and therefore it is your own journey in cooperation with the Sun rays and the elements of nature within the frequency of the oils that will activate its magic and power.

To order a 5ml vessel of Aurora Anointing Oil, please contact me.

Rituals of Anointing

By Anouk Sophia


Rituals with fragrant oils have been held for beautifying, for healing, consecration, for connecting to higher consciousness, for harnessing nature’s power and for resurrection rites.

In ancient Egypt, Priestesses of anointing guided ceremonial rituals for healing, using sacred oils in the palm of their hands for honoring and receiving of divine spirit, holding a potential to divinize man.

Priestesses of Isis where powerful healers, working in cooperation with the forces of nature, the Neteru and as alchemists, able to harnessing magic. They where revered as wise teachers and leaders and are depicted using oils on the temples walls. They would ceremonially anoint the Pharaohs into their new role as kings, to bring forth births, to bring forth the spirit into the afterlife.

Fragrances where revered as an aspect of the divine, for their ethereal bodies would rise beyond the mind and their fragrant scents where seen as powerful way to open portals of divine inspiration.

The traditions and teachings of the Goddess in ancient history have upheld the mystical and Temple arts. Not only Egyptian cultures but also Greek, Roman, Indian and Druidic traditions have been known to use fragrant herbs and flowers for wellbeing, healing and beauty.

Mary the Magdalene is known for having anointed and prepared her Beloved into the mystery of the Hieros Gamos - sacred marriage and as an initiated of Isis assisted Yeshua into the transfiguration process.


How to use the sacred anointing oil

Use the anointing oils anytime by dropping 2 drops in the palms of your hands, calling your deepest wisdom through, like musical notes merging to create a magical symphony, bring your hands close together to connect and warm the oil up. No need to rub your hands, just bring them close to your nose and inhale the fragrant notes of ancient Egypt.

For anointing ritual to self: Prepare for the experience by choosing to have some quiet time for personal upliftment. (if you are choosing to create ceremony with someone read below)

You are entering an ancient ritual, imagine a temple, you may like to light a candle, turn some inspirational music on and lower the lights. You may like to bathe first and wear silk scarves. Call upon your deepest wisdom and mix two drops of the anointing oil with fractionated coconut, almond oil or any other carrier oil of your choice. Place some drops in the palms of your hands. Imagine the sunshine, the wind, the bird song, the snow and the rain that infused the growing plant. Call upon the forces of nature, earth, water, air and fire. (You may wish to call upon your Guardians and loving Master teachers who are assisting you in this sacred journey).

Anoint your wrists and feet, dab gently on the space between the brow. Allow your inner knowing to guide you where the oil of Anointing needs to be placed. Create gentle rhythmic strokes, ‘draw’ circles, spirals, symbols with it on your skin.

This is a deep loving ritual, take your time, you are Sacred.


For creating ritual with another 


Come together and honor each other deeply, perhaps with sounding out an ‘Om’ giving soft eye contact, offer a gentle smile or a bow in reverence for another’s Soul presence.  Remember, the ritual of Anointing is deeply soothing so make time for the giving. (I strongly suggest it is not reciprocated on the same day, so the person who receives has quiet time to infuse the healing and transformational effect. 

Follow as above with mixing a few drops with a carrier oil of your choice, bringing your hands together, ask the Soul’s permission for the sacred anointing touch. Infuse the skin on the palms of the hands of  your receiver, let them bring hands together towards the nose to smell the scent.

Allow time for the person to call upon her deep inner wisdom. This time you representing the Priestess, stand in front of her and call  upon the highest love known to you to flow through you, and with intention, call upon the healing and recharging of  life force. You may wish to touch the palms of the hands, the wrists, the ankles, the soles of the feet and the forehead.

You may like to say something out loud such as a blessing.

This is a sacred ritual not a massage, my suggestion is you keep the palms of your own hands on the areas of the body you are anointing, for a few minutes, this is  to allow building up of the Ka energy body and any emotional release.

If the receiver is a sacred lover take time together afterwards and follow the energy to where it leads you both.