Soul Journeys

Align with your Soul Path, lineage & legacy.


Are you feeling the call to distant lands? Are you surrounded by symbols and messages that point you towards a place, a time in history, a particular character from the past? Are you curious what may be your interconnection to it all?

Soul Journeys are about connecting to your deep wisdom, using the language of symbols, the language of the Soul. It is both a meditation and a guided journey into a ‘wakeful fully knowing’ aspect of Self.

During a session you can give your ‘mind’ time to relax and be present to what comes. It is truly a gift to do that in a busy world!

Would you like to experience a session with me?

To book a SoulJourney session:

Please send payment of $188 by paypal to and contact me for availability with your full name (so I can retrieve your payment!) and your time zone so I can work out a time that suits as best.

I have been offering ‘in session’ Soul connection for over 12 years as my own developed body of work.

How may I experience a SoulJourney ?

I will guide you into a dream state/meditation and we will "walk" together on a path, sometimes access information on a specific location, we ask the Earth Guardians of place the ‘Genius Loci’ and the Guardian of the memories to speak with you and offer you insights for you next evolutionary steps.

Sessions are on line, you are in your own comfortable space and I guide you with my voice to relax and anchor deep, this state sometimes described as ‘water holding you whilst you. Sessions last approximately 1:30 to 2 hrs.

Where will the journey take me?

You are the navigator, during a Soul Journeys you may recognise the vibrational resonance of Isis Osiris - Hathor Horus - Sekhmet Ptah – Mut Amun -  the forces of Nature of ancient Egypt – Mary Magdalene & Yeshua - Brigit/Eriu/TuathaDeDanann present and assisting in your sacred experience. You may ‘zoom’ in to Celtic, Druidic, Essenes, Cathar, ancient France/Merovingian line, Templars lineages that are of significance to you.  On tapping into a ‘pastlife’ you may bring relevant wisdom for your present life. A SoulJourney can be a way to ‘tune’ into a specific timeline, a myth, a country… a strong association to a memory as a Druid, a Priestess, a Magdalene initiate, a Merlin magi, a keeper of a Temple, a Cathar... an Oracle or even a lion keeper. Your wise Self will guide you to the most significant events and most important aspect ready for revealing.


We have planned adventures in Ireland, Iona/Mull in Scotland, Chartres/France, Holy Isle/Wales, Cornwall, UK, Ancient Egypt and Ethiopia to Sudan.

visiting 'journey with me' pages for dates of  our scheduled adventures into Earth’s sacred memories and ceremonies.

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