SoulJourneys - Aligning your Souls's purpose with Earth's codes stored on the planet.

$120 to $188

Are you hearing the call of distant lands? Are you surrounded by symbols and messages that remind you of a place, a time in history? What is your legacy to it and what is it that wishes to be shared through you?

Soul Journeys are about connecting to the you that is transmigrating in a much grander scheme, you may know this as your Soul and your Spirit who guides you. When we feel connected to the essence of ourselves it changes the now in which we are living.

I have been offering this ‘in session’ work for over 12 years and as a new part of my own developed work is that we can intention to focus to specific earth energies around the planet in session, from your own home or in person.This is not of course, guaranteed as your wisdom will guide you to the most significant events.

Why? You wish to connect with the lands, but it maybe that travel is in the near future and you have a strong desire to infuse your self with all things to do with the lineage, characters in history, mythology, timeline, region or country. You may have been 'dreaming' of such place for a long time, you may even feel a strong association to a past life as a Magdalene initiate, a Druid Priest, a Merlin magi, a keeper of a temple, a Cathar... an Oracle or even a lion keeper.

On a SoulJourney session with me, on the phone/skype or in person, you may access insights as to how all wishes to unfold for you, perhaps why it is so strong the calling to visit, to return to certain lands that call you by name. I will guide you into a dream journey state/meditation and we will "walk" together on the path, sometimes accessing past 'past lives', and asking the earth Guardians of the memories stored in the specific places you are being called to visit, to speak with you and offer insights for the next steps of the way on your evolutionary cycle. 

During the session I hold a clear space for you to anchor deep, (sometimes described as water holding you whilst floating) and connect with your own inner wisdom, original planetary blueprint, personal Soul guides and Masters assisting you on this Aquarian age co creation.

Are you ready to retrieve your sacred memories? Where is sacred Earth calling you? Where will this journey take you?

These Soul Journeys include what we may recognise as, the resonance and archetypes of IsisOsiris/MagdaleneYeshua, ancient Celtic lineage of Brigit/Eriu/TuathaDeDanann, Druidic, Celtic, ancient France/Merovingian, Essenes, Cathar, Templars remembrance stored in the Earth's electromagnetic energy grids.

Of course we have also magical sacred journeys and adventures planned this year for Ireland, Iona/Mull in Scotland, Ariege&Languedoc in southern France, Wales and Cornwall and ancient Egypt.

Join us for a soulful journey of remembrance by

visiting 'journey with me' pages for dates of  our scheduled adventures into earth memories and sacred ceremonies

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