There is much science behind the magic of sound. We all know that we can feel different emotions when we listen to music, it inspires us, provides solace, releases negativity, reduces stress and entrains us into more relaxed alpha/theta brain state. Sound can be understood as being rhythmic. Sound takes the form of 'bubble' waves (just like the circles of a rock falling in a pond), which are measured in cycles per second (hertz or hz). 

Sound can change patterns in your energy bodies by giving you the ability to encounter your guiding wisdom and truth. Nothing makes sense in a stressed mind, nothing heals in a stressed body, you cannot tell a person in fear/anxiety to relax unless you give her tools for feeling safe. Vibration and rhythmic sounds have a profound effect on brain activity. In shamanic traditions the drum has been used to induce heightened states of consciousness. 

When we reducing brain wave, beats per second (hertz), we create optimum states of 

  • Relaxation

  • Visualisation

  • Creativity

  • Meditation

  • Intuition

  • Memory

this means your awareness expands, creativity flows, fears dissipate, you experience a liberating sense of peace and well being.

My work with the voice began in 2006 when I was living in France, creating children's workshop, using singing as a tool to teach languages to 4/9 year olds. A remarkable thing was happening, the children where more focused in class, able to regulate their moods better, achieve higher grades and become more "gentle" at home. Parents would come in and tell me how they find their child changed and the teachers at the school began asking me to share my magic tools with them!  

I was so intrigued at why they so desperately loved to sing and how, whilst we would create sounds of animals and mimic the wind and the star and the bird's sounds by singing... we would all come close in a circle and slowly slowly we would be transported into a marvellous sound and magical state of "happy", otherworldly sometimes. I took my self back to University in England, The British Academy of Sound Therapy, to study the science of sound and the physical/emotional benefits of using voice/singing. I was able to teach at the local Rudolf Steiner school and implement my transformational voice tools with the teachers as well as children.

I learned that resonant chambers in our head and mouth create a 'cathedral effect', just like the ancient astronomers and architects applied sacred geometry to power places such as cathedrals, they always created a dome and the fibonacci sequence was applied to the building scale.

We find a dome shape  also is our physical body, the back of the skull and the roof of our palate. When we tone sounds, we create a geometric algorythm, together with the 'color' of our vibrating voice and intention we can bring healing to our selves and another. 

 To book a voice therapy session with me, either in person or on skype please email me.

Session last 1:30mins.

Cost $188