Feel the strength and power that walks with you, supports you, sustains you. We are the blood of your past beating in your veins, we are the resonance of your pulsating heart, we are the sacred ancestors who walked before you.
— AS



As well as a certified teacher, I have accumulated ridiculous amounts of  certificates and diplomas on holistic techniques and training.  Does it define me? No. Simply because this unbound Soul cannot be contained by margins of accreditation paper. 

I am both a student and scholar of the timeless Divine Feminine Wisdom, the ever flowing chalice, wellspring of mother's milk, nurturing my endless creative spark. 

Anouk Sophia holds a full Diploma in Voice and Sound Therapy with the British Academy of Sound Therapy.

She has been following the teachings of Star Knowledge - Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator - MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN with Chief Golden Light Eagle of the Yunkton Sioux Nation. 

Anouk Sophia trained with physical Masters in their fields such as :

Lyz Cooper - British Academy of Sound Therapy

Fabien Maman - at his Academy of Chi Gong, Acupressure and Chinese Acupuncture points with Tuning Forks

Jill Purce - www.jillpurce.com

Joy Gardner - Vibrational Healing

Marguerite Rigoglioso - Seven Sisters Mystery School

John Beaulieu & Silvia Nakkash - voxmundiproject.com

Ani Williams - aniwilliams.com

Chief Golden Light Eagle - Star Knowledge Enterprises

… beyond all that, I am.

A field - a sonic vibrational field, were I may have the honour to meet your uniqueness - there we can relinquish our exceptional nature, and live from our greatness and abundance.

I offer you my love in this eternal dance.

Mother, writer, artist, poet, visionary, non-conformist, bearer of the truth.

Yes, I am passionate about being authentic, vulnerable and open. When you get to know me you will tap into this sense of urgency within me, to be a little braver everyday and to seek truth. I hurt, I cry and I get furious with the mimic-power's  efforts to keep us in a haze of forgetfulness. 

To quote the famous words of the Little Prince: ..'and now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.'  (Antoine St Exupery)

Once we see truth we cannot go back to being who we are not.
This is your journey of remembering.

Open your eyes.

Within each of us is an indescribable love, power and guiding intelligence. Choose from that place that is yearning for balance and union.

We are learning that the path 'is' the journey and the power of the heart is the way to stepping out of fear and shedding the old paradigm mindset of separation and duality games. These games are believing in 'survival of the fittest and competition is healthy' nonsense. All your journey thus far has served you and led you to this moment. This perfect moment where you enter your Inner Divine.

Let us walk the path of the open heart and breath deep.


Embody that even when your heart feels empty. I have learned that is when we have nothing to give we reach into the wells of love so deep we can love the world and all within it.  Some of us will have travelled the deep, into the darkness, what I call the 'great sorrow'. Some still walk the great abyss. I found the way back following the golden thread of love into the Light that is within us all.

Thank you for being here and reading this!


The Feminine Divine

That which remains--when every knowable thing has been removed--is AIN SOPH, the eternal state of Being. Although indefinable, the Absolute permeates all space. Abstract to the degree of inconceivability, AIN SOPH is the unconditioned state of all things.

This is the definition of the 'indefinible'. The aspect of self that is birthing itself and is continually opening, unguarded and yelding, penetrably exposing more of itself. Birthing the Masculine Divine within this space of pure potential is what we are doing. We have been constricted into believing this aspects are separate, Through upbringing, cultural, economic, political, religious templates. 

The feminine birthes life from within itself. The masculine is nurtured within the feminine. The masculine aspect within us ignites, empowers, pierces, thrusts forth.

Right? The masculine seed is within the feminine egg as new life happens.

Aligning our heart-mind wisdom to this simple remembering will change all of our relationships. 

This intertwining, within-without, yin-yan, sacred marriage of balance is what we are seeking. No more nor less than balance.

Bring the pendulum to the centre-point, the vesica piscis, from this stillpoint you birth yourself anew into more of your

delicious, ecstatic, abundant potential.

 The Feminine Divine, Sophia Ain-Soph,  The Magdalenes, the ancient path of the Labyrinth, Mother nature, The Stone People, The Tree people, The Stars, the Water Devas,  First Nation American Elders, The Whales, the healing voice, sacred geometry, sacred dance, gnostic teachings, the Line of the Rose, astrology and my ancestors and descendants who continue to guide me and for that I am so grateful. My womb-wisdom is committed to support humanity in this transitional period and into birthing sacred relations. 

This love is seeing you. Is falling in love with you. And you... with the love that dances you.
— AS

The blood the Womb and creation

The womb is the physical chalice in a woman's body that sustains life. It conceives, nurtures, supports, protects and ignites with the fires of your life! We, as women have been on a initiation of sorts, sensing, feeling, listening to our intuition, as we connect more and more to the inner feminine principle anchoring into the womb. For men this energetic feminine space is also available and is called hara or tantien, it is the centre point of balance in male and female. I believe we are a creative force and the conception of ideas, a baby or rebirthing your self is available when we clear all imbalances in this place. 

Whether we are in a female or male body, we all have the womb connection to the mother and to the mother of all , the first womb, the Creative Centre, the Cosmic Womb. There is much wisdom in our elemental body, memories are recorded since your conception and even before, whilst you where still an egg, sacredly stored in your mother's ovaries whilst she, your mother was in her mother's womb! 

Are you ready for this healing journey? Are you ready to let go of all the stories that held you captive for lifetimes of guilt, sorrow and shame? This is the call of the Divine Feminine. As  sacred women and Men we are all listening in, one way or another, we are all awakening our wombs/hara to the vibrancy and deep “knowings” of our creative potential. The promise is freedom, freedom to be and become, to be authentic and true to our desires as a wo/man and as a lover.

The "work" we are asked to embark on is forgiveness. Complete unconditional forgiveness.

All that holds us back is fear, and fear translates as victim/aggressor energy. Knowing we are all one, in Unity consciousness, there is no separation. This really means the conscious choice of forgiving and reclaiming our wisdom. 

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Sacred Journeys


We finished co creating beautiful sacred journeys in Paris, Chartres & Mont St Michel - France for 2015.

Languedoc May 2016

Sacred Scotland October 2016


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29th April - 5thMay 2017


to be advised in 2017



6th to 12nd May 2017


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