Paris & Chartres

Painting with the Black Madonna and the Magdalenes

29th September to 1st October 2019

with Anouk Sophia

and special guest Jan Sara Jorgensen

this journey continues into the Languedoc and Ariege (see Magdalenes France)


'Paris & Chartres’ 2:22

Sacred Adventure 2020

18th to 23th February

" Mary the Mother in The City of Light"

We will learn more on the ancient tribe the 'Parisii' in the ancient city of Lutece now known as Paris - Once dedicated to Isis the Goddess - later changed to Mary the Virgin Mother, we will walk on the footsteps of the Divine Feminine and connected to our ancient memories as the ones of Druids, Cathar, Templars and 'tune' into the energy lines in La Madeleine, Montmartre, Notre-Dame de Paris, St Sulpice, St Germain Des Pres, and Chartres Cathedral.

If the Cathedral allows it, we will walk the powerful Labyrinth at Chartres for 2:22. We will visit the Louvre's famous art collections, especially the renaissance's illuminated paintings and ancient Egypt exhibits , we will visit the 'Lady with the Unicorn' tapestries at the Cluny Museum describing the six senses and of course, celebrate life's pleasures with wine, visit the best chocolate art studio and discover the delicious cuisine in City of Light. For those of you that have walked into Chartres Cathedral -France, and felt a sense of returning, ancient mysteries revealing in every carving, as if they could be animated at any second, swirls of 'song' coming to greet you in the silence of your mind, the light touching you softly from the stained glass windows, reminding you of the pilgrimage, the path within and without, the way of the heart.

Chartres Cathedral sits on very powerful earth energies, it is believed that long ago a great school stood beneath the Gothic building, a Druid place of learning. I believe it is very possible even before that, there was a stone circle aligned to a planetary passage of time and harnessing its information on the planet for future generations.

Today Chartres magnificent Cathedral can be seen from afar, high on a promontory, indicating the place carries yang energy but also with the existence of the sacred healing well, ying energies. This is a sacred well, with recorded history of healing the sick. The well is still in existence today although now blocked a few centuries ago.

These wells and Inner earth waterways, are waters that have never been rain, nor oceans. They have always remained within the earth and as such are very powerful in restoring health and carry the resonance and make up of original 'memory' matrix of the planet and most certainly minerals that activate your physical body's potential to regenerate and heal. (not suggesting you drink from every church deep inner Earth well, but definitely connect with it)

When strong telluric currents meet, married with the presence of inner earth waterways, the geodesic spirals created causes the waters to surge up to the surface as sacred wells. In antiquity, wise civilisations new of this beneficial potential for healing and learning and built places dedicated to the Divine as well as schools and hospitals over them to maximise integration of what I call 'sacred memories'

Chartres is also known as the seat of the Divine Mother, or the Divine emanations of the Feminine on Earth. Today, it is said the Veil of the Divine Mother is the one on display in it's chapel dedicated to Mary.

Whatever it may be, sacred waters coming from deep within the Earth are to me, the milk of the Goddess. Like the mother will have all the new born requires to thrive in its new found incarnation, so too the sacred waters are calling us to the remembrance of being anew and perfect, into the zero point of creation, stored deep within the magnetic crystalline core of the planet, in alignment with cosmic energies from beyond the Sun.

And... I could not share Chartres without mentioning the path of Love 'stored' within the Labyrinth, all codes, 11:11:11:11 within it.

11 circuits of 4 folds. Left and right hemispheres balancing technology, Alchemical Marriage dance of the Beloveds. Within its sacred centre, a Rose. 6 circles, Hexagram holding the sacred Pentagram within...5:6 ratio. The Grails Quest, The journey home. Just like the feeling of absolute, ecstatic bliss when you finally find the one who enters your life in a magical way, embodying the Beloved incarnate in front of you, the sense you have that you have 'arrived home', from an epic quest and the 'search' is finally over... follow the golden thread like Theseus and Ariadne.

History, Myths and legends show us the way, then my loves, you have to allow your self to go and experience it, you have to say yes, and really listen:

to that song that has been waiting just for you, because only you have been sang that very song before you came here...

Allow the place, the Guardians of the memories to speak to you...

Blessings on your journey HOME xx

If you feel inspired to join me in February for a sacred epic love adventure of Paris and Chartres in 2020 pls contact me asap (spaces are limited to 8 people)

Price in Euros unless advised. Early bird discounts available if booked before September 2019.