we feel trespassed,

we assume, that our partner has abused freedom in some way, has compromised our sacred trust, we so carefully bestow only onto a few people.

We feel feelings. We don’t like those feelings. It tightens and contracts us. So what can we do? 

We can only know this trust from within ourselves.

Do we trust our inner knowing to go forth into a situation, new territory, new opening with another?

We all have stories of past, ridiculously painful and treacherous roads we have travelled with another because we trusted…


Trust and Truth


Is there a difference?

Trust is opening to truth. Allowing trust to move us into truth, to surface from our hiding place, to be transparent, intuiting our chosen relationship into more knowing, more truth of who we are, deeper into knowing our selves.

Is truth then, allowing our inner trust to navigate us into knowing freedom?

Allowing, surrendering to this inner knowing brings great freedom.

We move forward into trusting ourselves with another only once past memories and wounds are healed. Its easier to feel we cannot trust another, than to have the courage to allow our selves to navigate the truth of whom we are in the eyes of another.

We are truly never broken and nothing needs healing, life cannot break us, remember? Life is trying to uphold life and live through you as you, whole and safe. Situations that we experience along the journey will not be the end of us but the beginning of us. Rebirth. Suffering, alas, is the great fuel that burns the blocks of knowing freedom. Less blocks, less suffering…

We need to empty the container, the vessel where we create relationships from past stuff, or else if will always trigger more of the same untrust, broken trust.

None of us is safe from this experience, because is through experiencing insecurities that will cause us to open to trusting truth.

It’s not the safety of a relationship we are looking for, on this great path of self realization but the opposite. If we have the courage to open and be seen, and be experienced by another you, as you.

We have the option, free will, to close down and not allow further intrusion into our essence. We have the right to erect boundaries and roadblocks. After all is not about suffering as much as it is about growth and becoming whole.

Yet, when we create gates of protection, the guardians at the gate, we are also becoming prisoners on the inside and that will inevitably cause sorrow and separation from the love that is YOU.

There is only love within. When you stop for a moment and feel your heart, under your hand and breathe for a few long breaths, what do you feel? Truly? 


Guilt and Innocence


Those words we said, what we didn’t say. How we reacted. How as much as we tried, it didn’t work out… If only…  

What of innocence? For when we are purely open and vulnerable in the eyes of another there is no guilt or shame. If shame is there is not ours. It never was. Because, shame does not reside in innocence. No. And this ‘no’ is a full sentence! If you believe in the original sin you’ve been reading a comic book!

Love and innocence reside in each other, any other way is not love.


Blame game


Fault calling is the fast way to feel temporarily empowered in a critical moment of a relationship. It is inevitably censoring our road towards trust.

We yearn to be seen. To be seen we need to allow openness. Will we allow this when all things are going wrong in front of our eyes? All of nature will protect itself in alarm at the sight of danger. That is good.

Closed up in the heat of danger and escaping the situation is not the same as blocking our ability to relate and making a subconscious decision to not feel and not experience our selves unfolding in the eye of another.

See the difference? It is still about trusting the truth of who we are, beyond the circumstances.

Even as past and present experience triggers unbearable remembrance, we always have a choice: to trust our ability to navigate into trust and find freedom.  




The evolutionary path of truth and love is a wondrous one.

Freedom is no restrictions to move, unimpeded dance in and out of each other’s waters. Intimacy is freedom to be seen, as we are, beyond our raw nakedness and vulnerability. Kingdom/queendom of the free is ours when we allow truth to prevail within our inner landscape.

Are we ready to break open those gates, remove the blocks, built a “hearthighway” into trusting ourselves in the eyes of another?

It is time!

May your trust journey be inspired by immeasurable trust for life, guided by truth and love, courageous and free into the arms of the Beloved!

Trust - Truth – Freedom

Trust the powerful force that resides within you, and be open to the knowing that you are ok, more than ok, and all twists and turns on the road to love have been invitations to know this truth.


In love xx always


Anouk Sophia - 2015