We are all in this together.

Remember you are a beautiful Soul, you are not broken and nothing needs fixing.

We have all experienced being told not to speak, not to laugh, not to cry, not to be inappropriate, as a child.

Perhaps we where sent to our room to be alone and we had a sense that we did something wrong. We felt we where not loved, misunderstood and not heard.

Even still it may have been the opposite, we where right there, with much to say, and we felt ignored and invisible. Expressing anything at all, may have been unwelcomed or we where told we where laying and thus felt discredited and unworthy.




Is all going to be ok. You are now a grown adult and can embrace your inner child, welcome her into your loving space and listen to her/him. Let her know it is now safe to be herself, to communicate her fears and dreams. We are now in the future.

(here if you wish put a favourite meaningful song on, lay down on a confortable nurturing space, breath deep and offer your heart emotions and perhaps tears to her. Welcome her back into your self and out of the oblivion of a closed room or invisibility. Comfort her and listen, even take a walk in nature with her, dance in the wind and become one again.)

We are born to the parents of our choosing, to the family of souls that take the journey on earth many times together, to clear karmic ties and fulfill family agreements. Some of us have had to go through a lot of considerable abuse and agonizing pain and suffering to get to adulthood.


Again, breathe.


Often we have been given little or no tools, as a new incarnate soul to deal with such atrocities and see a way of protection by using the ego mechanics of survival as a way to navigate such ordeal. I use the word ‘ego’ here, to mean the organic body consciousness, the physical body reflex, the survival instinct.

Once we tap into the instinct of survival and protection, we navigate blindly our way through difficulties, we avoid conflict, perhaps, or we create drama to somehow be above the ordeal and become powerful. We literally swing the pendulum to the other side polarity to experience the opposite of what has been just experienced.

This power over something/someone, is the ego inflating the instinctual ability to protect the physical into attempting to protect the emotional body as well.

From this ego power/control perspective, we become so focused on the survival and protection that we stay locked in a polarity that often keeps us unable to perceive, until we are triggered by a relationship.

Here is the thing, potentially, if we get lost in this ego journey of power and protection of the inner child woundings, we will find difficulty in growing and maturing into our fully boundless, open, allowing, free self and ready to experience another.

All the wounded feelings are of the ego. It is not bad nor good, it just is.

Of course, all the emotions are real. Yes, there where real perpetrators and abusers along the way, but they never got to your Soul.

The Soul does not get hurt or wounded, or raped or mistreated or unloved.

Your Soul knows all things are in balance with the dance of universal wisdom in every moment.

If we resonate with this information, we are the illuminated ones.

Let the light of your selflove infuse your being and allow that just today, in this moment, you will allow yourself to be a little braver than a minute ago, and open, open, open.

The Soul does not need healing.

Become vulnerable again, from here we will access our self love, our self understanding, self compassion. Sounds like madness, I know, however, once we know this simple truth we can embody our play, joy, lightness. Our uncomplicated curiosity, to be sensuous, fluid and yes! Absolutely open for a boundlessly loving, explosively creative, deliciously orgasmic life.

As I see it, the only way to release our story to soar into alchemical transformation is to face our fears.

The protection tool the ego so generously offered may be revisited now, with the friendship of your inner child walking along side you, holding your hand.

We are in the future. From here you discover your inner child is wise and unwavered by all the past life’s events. She has been in the future “” all along, beckoning to you to get here.

We ARE in the future.

All barriers to love are gone.

Here we breath deeply and love wildly!


We are all one under the same sky xx


Anouk Sophia 2015